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SwissWide Holding AG is a FinTech company with headquarters in Zug, Switzerland and with competencies in several fields: Finance, Marketing, Law, Software Development, Web and App Development, Blockchain Development and much more.
We aim to create Global Investment Village, and to digitalise all assets in purpose of easier transfer and asset allocation.

1. SwissWide’s main objective is the creation of a Global Investment Village and the Digitization of all assets on a proprietary Blockchain platform for easier exchange, transfer and asset allocation.

2. SwissWide’s team of professionals is made of experts in Business and Finance and offers a wide variety of Finance and Corporate Consulting Services.

3. SwissWide provides also specialized IT services for Software, Software Architecture, Full-Stack Development, Web and Apps developments, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, etc.



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IT Labs

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SwissWide mission consists in bringing the Investment world and the technological innovation (in particular the Blockchain) together, through the creation of software solutions tailored to financial products, thus attracting as many stakeholders as possible.

SwissWide envisions a Global Investment Village where:
*Global - means without geographical boundaries.
*Investment - means the participation to the investment world for everyone.
*Village - means a virtual community of people known to each other and/or easily reachable.

Just a simple Internet connection allows for a participation to a community of individuals who are meeting in a safe place to help each other.
The elimination of borders in the investment’s world, the fast and safe allocation of assets for everyone, all at significantly reduced costs.

Meet our Founder's

CEO & Founder
Mr. Arsenije Grgur, Founder and CEO of SwissWide Holding AG, is an Investment Management Professional with 10 years of Investment and Banking experience, with core expertise in the Capital Markets. Mr. Grgur holds B.Sc degree in Business Management and a Master of Business Administration degree in International Management. His personal desire is pioneering innovation in the financial markets through the creation of a Global Investment Village, where all individuals will be given a chance to achieve significant ROI. Through the deployment of new technologies (blockchain), he will help the world digitizing all assets and making them safely and incorruptibly tradable across borders and currencies.

COO & Co-Founder
Upon completion of his university’s studies in economics, Mr. Frölichsthal has started his carrier in the USA in a PC components manufacturing company. Mr. Frölichsthal has a long international exposure, with working experiences in the USA, Italy and Switzerland, and extensive traveling around the world, particularly, in Asia and North America. Mr. Frölichsthal has also successfully completed an MBA course in Leadership and Sustainability at the Cumbria University in the UK (2013).
Mr. Frölichsthal is used to entrepreneurial thinking, coming from an entrepreneurial family. During his working experience Mr. Frölichsthal has covered various positions as Sales Executive and has been involved in several projects. He has prepared Business Plans and evaluated companies for M&A in different fields and with different products. He is accustomed to negotiations at very high level (private as well as political). Last but not least, Mr. Frölichsthal is extremely passionate about IT innovation and about green and sustainable technologies.



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