Investment Management Solutions

SwissWide private Investment Management Solution is an investment advisory practice that incorporates financial planning, portfolio management and other aggregated financial services for individuals.

From the client's perspective, private Investment Management Solution is the practice of solving or enhancing his or her financial situation and achieving short-, medium- and long-term financial goals with the help of the SwissWide financial adviser.

From the SwissWide's perspective, private Investment Management Solution is the practice of delivering a full range of financial products and services to an affluent clientele, so that the clientele can achieve specific financial Goals.

Key Investment Products
  • Fixed Income
  • Green & Sustainable Investments
  • Equity
  • Forex Trading
  • Real Estate
  • Digital Assets
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How we work

First Contact

First Contact is usually made over the phone conversation, where client request a meeting with SwissWide Financial Advisor

Listening Phase

During second meeting SwissWide Financial Advisor is listening what are the client needs and future growth strategy goals.

Strategy Development

According to the data collect during second meeting, investment professionals from SwissWide are developing wealth growth strategy.


After strategy development, client has to overview and execute investment management strategy.

Follow up

SwissWide takes care about its clients, and monthly update over the phone or e-mail is a must at our company.