IT Labs

We are SwissWide IT Labs development team . We enjoy creating a software that solves problems and works perfectly. We are not a typical software shop. We help our customers to improve their business by understanding their problems and applying our IT expertise to help them. We support our clients at any stage of the product evolution - be it just an idea that we believe is worth exploring or an already established business which needs business that needs to be optimized. We have a clear vision of what we want for us and for our business partners as well.

We’ve delivered hundreds of projects, small and big, on time to our clients. It is our corporate culture to approach every client differently because every client is unique. These are some of our valued clients from different industries.

Key Development Areas
  • Software Development
  • App Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • AI Development
  • Web-Design

How we work

Let’s Talk

We meet. We talk about your product and business, your ideas and problems you are facing. We let you know how we will be able to help you


We enter discovery phase. We are discussing MVP (Minimum Viable Product, a fancy term for a proof of concept for your product). You will be talking to our experts from SwissWide IT Labs and we will bill you on time and materials basis in this stage. Depending on your product complexity, you can expect it to last from a few days to a few weeks


We provide you an estimation for MVP costs and timeline.

MVP Development

After you approve the estimation MVP development is underway. You will give us an agreed amount of money so we can roll out. We will have regular meetings with you to talk about the progress.

MVP Complete

MVP is completed and accepted (now we can get the financial things done). We start talking about new features and the road ahead that will lead us to the first live release

Additional Releases

We adhere to agile principles and you can expect new releases bi-weekly. You will be billed fixed amount for every sprint, based on an estimation that we will provide before a sprint begins.

Go Live

Once all features are developed and tested we are ready to go live.