Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solution is a specific division of SwissWide related to the creation of capital for other companies, governments and other entities. SwissWide helps to underwrite new debt and equity securities for all types of corporations, aid in the sale of securities, and help to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations and broker trades for both institutions and private investors. SwissWide also provide guidance to issuers regarding the issue and placement of stock.

SwissWide help companies to build up their own brand identity and marketing strategy

SwissWide employ Financial Advisors who help corporations, governments and other groups plan and manage large projects, saving their client time and money by identifying risks associated with the project before the client moves forward.

Key Corporate Services
  • ICO Development & Promotion
  • IBO Development & Promotion
  • IPO Development & Promotion
  • Corporate Bond Development & Promotion
  • Corporate Identity
  • Brand Recognition
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